Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka and Aged Cheddar Launch

Let’s get this out of the way, YES, the title says vodka AND cheese. No, it’s not a typo or error. Welcome to the media launch of Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka and aged cheddar cheese. I know it sounds crazy but, it’s not.
Who is Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka?
Situated on England’s West Dorset coast we produce the worlds only Pure Milk Vodka™ made entirely from the milk of grass grazed cows and nothing else. Fresh whole milk makes an exceptionally smooth vodka with a unique creamy character.
– Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka
How is Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka and Aged Cheddar Made?

How we make Black Cow, Pure Milk Vodka. Animated film by Cat Bruce from BlackCowVodka on Vimeo.

An animated description. How Black Cow is made.

So there you have it. Vodka made from milk! And no one was as surprised as I was. Traditionally, vodka is made from fermented grains and even potato, so when I heard Black Cow was made from milk, I had to check it out.
The Black Cow Pure Milk VodkaEvent
The event was held at the beautiful and historic St. Lawrence Market. The St. Lawrence Market has a wonderful event [...]

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Canadian International Autoshow 2017

As always I’m really looking forward to the Canadian International Autoshow. I’ll be heading down a couple of times this year. First I’ll be checking it out on the media day and then I’ll be heading back with my hubby so that he can enjoy the fun as well.

If you’re planning on visiting I’ve put together a list of things that you just can’t miss during this years CIAS.
Let’s talk EXOTICA, Auto Exotica that is.
At this year’s event attendees will be able to visit with and have some intimate time with more than $100 million worth of exotic cars. That’s the highest in the AutoShow’s 44-year history! Any true fan of motorsports, classic cars and automotive history needs to see these top picks

I will definitely be visiting these beauties (even if they cost more than everything I own…).

Ferrari 250 LM, which won the 1965 24 Hours of Le Mans – Found in Auto Exotica
1951 GM Le Sabre Concept – Found in Art and the Automobile
Aston Martin-Red Bull Hypercar Concept AM-RB 001 – Found on The Star stage 300 level
1929 Duesenberg – Found in Art and the Automobile
Rinspeed Oasis [...]

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Taste Of Burlington 2017 – Media Launch- #ToB2017

Last week, I took another lovely drive to Burlington to enjoy the Taste of Burlington 2017 launch.  It’s hard to believe that the Taste of Burlington has been running for 8 years! It’s been pretty amazing to participate in these amazing launches for at least a few of those years. Here’s a look back at some of my posts:

Taste of Burlington 2016

Taste of Burlington Summer 2014

Taste of Burlington – WInter 2014
The Taste of Burlington 2017
#ToB2017, started with 12 restaurants and has grown to include more than 30 of Burlington’s best known restaurants, eateries, and fine dining institutions.

This program has been incredibly successful in both it’s Winter and Summer editions. Moving forward however The Taste of Burlington will only run once per year.

Burlington is quickly becoming known as a destination for foodies. Food tourism is a good thing and as far as I’m concerned helps to elevate the city’s brand. Toronto isn’t the only city in Ontario to offer good food experienes. It’s been a long time coming but, you can’t deny it any longer. There are amazing dininge experiences to be had all over Ontario.
Types of food offered at the Taste of Burlington 2017
I’ve never been disappointed [...]

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Apple Watch Accessories – Time To Change My Band

Way back in 2015 (before apple watch accessories existed), I purchased the series 1 Apple Watch. I studied the options available at that time closely and I Decided to purchase the stainless steel, 38mm case, the light pink band and the modern buckle Apple Watch.

I honestly thought I would never tire of the simple beauty, and elegance of my Apple Watch. Sadly, I did tire of it and it wasn’t beautiful anymore. It didn’t say anything about me and my style. It was time for a change.
Apple Watch Fashion Boredom
I didn’t know what to do. It wasn’t cheap. And repleacing it didn’t seem like a logical answer. That didn’t stop me from reasearching my options.

How much would a NEW Apple Watch cost?
Will my hubby kill me if I buy a new watch?
Can I find a way to update the look of my Apple Watch?
Will I find any stylish options?
Are Apple Watch accessories expensive?
IF I find a band I like, will I be able to change the band myself?

I was a little stressed but, quickly found that there are SO MANY OPTIONS, and that changing the band was going to [...]

The Lady Boss Holiday Gift Guide 2016

Alright you last minute Lucys – the holidays are quickly approaching and purchasing a gift for the Lady Boss in your life is tough, like, what do you buy a woman who has life by the balls? I guess a Starbucks gift card and some warm wishes would suffice BUT, if you really want to say thanks or let this woman know you’ve really thought this through … I present the Lady Boss Holiday Gift Guide!
Lady Boss Holiday Gift Guide
Touch Screen Gloves
Let’s be honest, every pair of touchscreen or smartphone gloves I’ve ever had, have been knit, not really that warm and not attractive. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been grateful for them but, I always wished for a pair that didn’t look like they were attached to my coat with yarn.

That’s how I found MUJJO, they offer a wide variety of touchscreen gloves some pairs starting at $29.83 CDN. Having said that, if you really want to make your Lady Boss happy, I highly recommend MUJJO’s stylish and technologically ready LEATHER touchscreen gloves priced at $119 CDN. They look good and provide the touchscreen experience we all want.
Smart Phone Chargers with Flair
Ladies and [...]

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  • Subaru VIP Event - Never Sit Still - 2017 Subaru Impreza
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    Subaru VIP Event – Never Sit Still Impreza – 2017 Subaru Impreza

Subaru VIP Event – Never Sit Still Impreza – 2017 Subaru Impreza

Being one of the first people in Canada to get their hands on the all new 2017 Subaru Impreza is pretty sweet. Thanks to Subaru Canada, I was invited to attend the Subaru VIP Event as part of their Never Sit Still campaign at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.
Subaru VIP Event – Never Sit Still
Parked Lexi and headed into the amazing Canadian Tire Motorsports Park main event venue, where we were greeted by the amazing Subaru and CTMP staff.
There were quite a few people in attendance including:

Subaru Customers & prospects

As usual these events start off with mingling and food!

Food and cars?!?!!! #BestDayEver #SubaruVIP #SubaruImpreza #Motorsports #Driving @subarucanada @ctmpofficial #Foodie #Blogger #Driver #FeedMe #LetsDoThis
A photo posted by Christine Pantazis (@christinepantazis) on Nov 17, 2016 at 2:37pm PST

During dinner I met and spoke with a gentleman and his son who have been Subaru owners since the beginning of time. In fact all the kids in that family learned to drive using that very first Impreza – and it was a manual transmission. At the time, the son said that they hated their dad for it but, now, they’re grateful. They would be a [...]

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Secret and Immersive Experiences with The Secret Sessions

I remember sitting in Tino’s bar, having a single malt scotch and schmoozing with channel 4’s news anchors. Ron, Champ, Brick, Brian, Veronica and even Helen were having a drink with the crowd. Tino was being poetic and then BAM! Before I knew it I was holding a pipe and heading into a free-for-all brawl with Champ at my side. We were screaming “Whammy” and …

The Secret Sessions Presents – The Movie Experience
If you haven’t already guessed, The Secret Sessions is an immersive movie experience. Patrons interact with actors and it’s an amazing interaction. Patrons are now part of the set, part of the scene part of the action!
Lights, camera, action! No seriously, action…you’re in this take, on the set, and the main character just handed you a bevvy… Huh?!
This is truly what’s it like. The “actors”, were very interactive and mingled with all of the patrons.
The Event
The Secret Sessions event group, create a few different areas that mimic the sets in the move and before you know it you are truly immersed in the movie and moment. You are living the movie. The actors are really into their roles, I tried a couple [...]

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Two Sisters Vineyards Niagara on the Lake

We weren’t planning on visiting Two Sisters Vineyards Niagara on the Lake but, we’re very happy we did.
Sometimes, clients, meetings, interviews, events and friends take me out of Toronto and I love it!

This time my friend Mar and I were in St. Catharines for a quick morning meeting and well, it only made sense that my partner in crime and I turn this into a girls day of fun. Where did we choose to go? Niagara on the lake obviously!
Shopping is always a must on a girls trip – Outlet Collection Niagara
As I’m sure most of you know, shopping is my life. Deals or not, shopping is the air I breathe. I love window shopping as well as actually dropping coin on a new purse or top, boots or dress as much as or more than the average Joe or Joanne!

I did manage to pick up a cute ribbed mock neck at Pink Tartan and it’s my new fave.

Having said that, this outlet doesn’t excite me as much as the the Toronto Premium Outlets, I need more than Kate Spade and Coach.
Meetings plus shopping = hunger
The best part of a girls day is food and this day [...]

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The Year Of Christine – Moving toward the future

Bobby and I are all about positive moves, and this is one of the largest steps we’ve taken to solidify our future in a positive way. We’re renting out our condo and moving into our other condo that we share with Bobby’s mother. WOW!
The Year of Christine – Moving toward our future:
The Purge
Not sure how this happened but, Bobby and I managed to accumulate one hell of a lot of stuff. Everything from electronics to decorative pieces, art, old clothing and so many other things. We weren’t sure where all of our possessions came from but, we were sure we just didn’t have the space for it all.

The purge was almost a spiritual event. Bobby and I had these moments where we would look at an item and laugh together or remember something truly touching. It brought us closer together. We bonded over things we were going to donate or throw away.

We never would have assumed this process would have brought us closer together but, it did.
The “OMG – what are we doing?” Moment
We had no idea what we were getting into. All it took was the idea of saving money, and working towards a brighter [...]

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The Year of Christine – How It All Started

The Year of Christine – real talk, about real life issues and redefining life. I’m ready to live in a positive way and hope to help others as well!
How I got here
I can’t believe how quickly the end of summer is approaching – we’re just past the halfway point in August and I keep thinking it’s still July! Not sure why time has stopped for me but, I’m not complaining. In a recent post (Life lately and fertility treatments), I took a moment to be transparent and breakdown what I’ve been going through. Life hasn’t been easy, that’s for sure.

With everything that has been happening, I’ve been trying really hard to not become a victim of my circumstances.
Here’s what I left out of that post and of course some updates

A lady jumped to her death practically in front of my car on the Don Valley Parkway
SOTI and I broke up
Bobby and I decided against adoption
We’re moving
I’m redefining my life

Let’s take a minute to have some real talk
Let’s face it, it’s been one crazy year. So many dreams and hopes dashed. So much heartbreak and I may [...]