#BrunchBabes http://www.christinepantazis.com/brunchbabes#BrunchBabes…

 …is a gathering of ultra chic and incredibly awesome social media babes (Ladies) from many different professional backgrounds. We meet at different locations in Toronto to sample delicious brunch offerings from some of Toronto’s hottest establishments while building new relationships and nurturing old ones.

Every few months or so invites are sent out privately to the group.

Noone knows who will or who won’t get an invite. The only commonality is they use social media and know me. I try to put groups with good chemistry together. Once in a while there is a complete miss… but that’s ok – most are HITS and we always have mimosas to make up for it.

There is a purpose in all of this…

#BrunchBabes is one of the few remaining #TweetUps that isn’t about advertising, marketing and brands. BrunchBabes is about “no pressure” relationship and network building. To this date the max in attendance of any #BrunchBabes TweetUp is 12 lovely ladies. The small size allows for comfortable conversation.

The get togethers are a light hearted non-pretentious way to meet people with out the pressures of sales tactics, too many people, lots of noise, and constant interuption by others.

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